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Hi. I'm Andrew Stephens!

I have a passion for technology. I love problem-solving and thinking creatively. I’m currently studying Computer Science through the School of Engineering at Tufts University. I’m a member of the Tufts Daily (newspaper), Tufts Imaginet (marketing), and Tufts 3Ps (theater).

I am available for both freelance projects and hired work. More About Me View My Resume

About Me

I'm a full-time student at Tufts University, studying Computer Science. I find technology very intuitive, and I always enjoy learning something new. I have an eye for detail, which is also my way of saying I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I love any project that lets me think logically or creatively. Through the years I have acquired a rather unique skill set by having more hobbies than any one person can seemingly have time for, but I've never let time hold me back.

I started learning web design and video editing when I was 12 years old. Of course I was more focused on the "how-to" at the time than the theory, but through years of practice and observations, I've come to appreciate industry trends and best practices. I began sound designing in high school, working with my school's theater department, eventually expanding to other nearby venues, gaining more experience with every event. Software was simply a natural progression from my love of programming, theory, and design. I'm currently learning Java for Android and Python for application development.

Even though each of these fields has a very different and distinct workflow, I enjoy working with all of them simply because of the logic, problem-solving, openness, and creative potential involved in each.

  • Web
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • PHP, MySql
  • WordPress
  • Video
  • Camera Operation
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Corel VideoStudio
  • Sound
  • Live Mixing
  • Technical Consulting
  • Soundscape Design
  • Software
  • Java for Android
  • Python


An extended portfolio is also available upon request.

Note: Some of the displayed web projects were produced in partnership with Patton Media.

Contact Me

Commercial Work

You want to hire me for a freelance job? That's awesome! My availability for such projects is variable, and depends largely on the scope of the project, but I'm always interested in something new. Note that I do much of my web design work through Patton Media and my sound design work through Boston AV Productions, so I may refer you to an appropriate contact for your project.


You want to hire me for a full/part-time job or internship? That's awesome! Hopefully you've read about me and seen my resume. I am currently a full-time university student, and as a result my availability for things like this is generally limited to the summer, but I may be flexible during the year as well.